First Time Buyers

Before you start shopping for you new home…..

  • Make sure you are prequalified for a mortgage
  • Shop around for mortgage rates, you could save a bundle over the term of your loan.
  • List the additional costs: surveys, taxes, legal fees, etc.
  • Decide which total payment you can afford
  • View a variety of homes in variety of locations
  • After each viewing rate the home and make a note of it
  • Then narrow your search to a particular type of home and location
  • Don’t Rush! Wait for the right house
  • Make an offer and be prepared to negotiate

  • After you complete the deal…

  • Make your final financing arrangements
  • Arrange for a home inspection
  • Satisfy any other conditions
  • Provide your landlord with sufficent notice(usually by 15th of the month )
  • Arrange for a survey
  • Hire a mover
  • See our moving check list
  • Start building equity in your new home!