Looking to add some fresh air indoors this winter?  Visit your local gardening centre to add one of these detoxification powerhouses to your home.

Lady Palm: Durable, and naturally resistant to insects, this plant can grow 14 feet if given room.  Highly adaptable to most indoor environments, this plant is a good choice for a beginner.

Bamboo Palm: Scoring high in it’s ability to remove formaldehyde and benzene, two commonly found toxins in the home, bamboo palms are a perfect choice for a room that is bright and sunny.

Areca Palm: This plant can grow over 10 feet tall and emits water vapour, a bonus for dry homes.

Rubber Plant: If a room in your house gets a little cold, this may be the best plant for you.  Tolerating temperatures as low as 5 degrees, rubber plants can also be placed in areas with low sunlight.  Be sure to wear gloves when you are pruning, as the sap can irritate your skin.